Dave's Tonga Planning Page

Dave's Tonga Planning Page

August 28- Sept 4, 2012

Air New Zealand flights $1370
Tuesdays LAX 11:15pm to Wed 8:15am via Samoa to Tonga
Tuesdays 8:50pm to 1:40pm LAX

Chathams Pacific domestic flights
55min, 1 or 2 flights daily between Tongatapu and Vavau
Time might be Wed 9:20am to 11:15am, 1 stop, about $140 one way
Return on a MOnday might be 4:05pm to 5pm direct, $140
Or boat transfer is possible.

Southwest AUS to LAX
5:35pm to 8:50pm Tue flight out $149
3:50pm to 10:40pm Tue return $139

1 TOP = .52 USD
1.92 TOP = $1 USD

Wed- arrive and chill
Thu- swim w whales
Fri- island cruise
Sat- swim w whales
Sun- visit church, snorkel, chill
Mon- chill, transfer back, night in town
Tue- Tongatapu Island tour


Pay for whale swim by the day, TOP$250- Dolphin Pacific Diving

Whaleswim tours

Sailing Safaris $150/day

The Tongan Beach Resort #1
Reef Resort- has AC
Foiata- Blue Lagoon Resort
Mounu Island Resort

Book to read? "The Tongan - a south pacific adventure"