Dave's Tanzania

Dave's Tanzania

December 21-31, 2011

So this was the original and only phase of this year's African journey before getting laid off- Zanzibar and safaris around the Tanzanian mainland. I've been close to doing this trip for years, and ended up booking this almost a year in advance. Only a month before this I more than doubled the cost of my plane ticket to put Rwanda on the front end and Madagascar on the back end- it was a sort of "trip of a lifetime" though and was worth it.

Wednesday 21st
Fly from Rwanda to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania info:
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Kenya Airways $334
#KQ 442 13:40 Kigali to Nairobi 16:10

#KQ 484 17:15 Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam 18:40

Dar es Salaam

"To/from the airport to/from the city center - the average price is 15000 Tzs. This can sometimes be negotiated down, especially if you pay in USD." Think the "official" rate is now 25k, and I got a guy to take 20k.
Or maybe I paid the "obvious tourist just off a plane" price.

Holiday Inn 15k points (or would have been about $128)
#7 of 57

I was upgraded to an executive suite- very nice, comfortable room.

Got spaghetti bolognaise (I think) from hotel restaurant downstairs for dinner and ate it in my room.

Thursday 22nd
Fly from Dar to Zanzibar

For my original itinerary I was arricing after 10pm and leaving first thing in the morning. With my new found sabbatical I left a little time to do something here so I could say I "saw" Dar- only thing I could figure out to do was visit the National Museum, which was about a 15min walk from the hotel.
As luck would have it, the city was experiencing its "heaviest rains in 57 years, death toll reaches 13." It was still raining in the morning and there were big puddles everywhere, so the walk itself was a small adventure.

First president Julius Nyerere

Sickle cell info
I thought this was fascinating- Sickle-cell disease occurs more commonly in people (or their descendants) from parts of tropical and sub-tropical regions where malaria is or was common. In areas where malaria is common, there is a fitness benefit in carrying only a single sickle-cell gene (sickle cell trait). Those with only one of the two alleles of the sickle-cell disease, while not totally resistant, are more tolerant to the infection and thus show less severe symptoms when infected.


Holiday Inn facade

Coastal Aviation $77
2pm DAR to Zanzibar 2:20

Here you can see one of the runways flooded.

Dar es Salaam and surroundings.

Zanzibar comes into sight.

I'm really glad I got this pic- similar to what is shown on the CD case to Jimmy Buffett's "Far Side of the World" album.

Video to the title song is here.

Welcome to Stone Town

Kholle House, #2 at time of booking, $99/night
#6 of 28 hotels in Stone Town

I got to chatting up the manager of the hotel, who was from Spain. Also got to meet the owner who was in town- an interesting Frenchman.
The manager was getting off work and walked me over to Mercury's for drinks. Ended up meeting some of her friends and having a pizza there.

Ended up back at her place with a gathering of friends and they cooked up some spaghetti.

Zanzibar info:
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