Savannah, GA

January 3-6, 2014

Friday 3rd

Delta $484 and used companion pass for Linda $44
#2552 AUS 6:57pm to Atlanta 9:59pm
#2530 ATL 10:52pm to Savannah 11:52pm

About $28 for a shared taxi into town.

We stayed at the Planters Inn On Reynolds Square, $362 total, a good choice.
free wireless, complimentary continental breakfast, daily wine & cheese reception

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

sunrise 7:30, sunset 5:30

weather 33-50 Fri night, getting about 10 warmer each day

Saturday 4th

The person honored in Reynolds Square outside our hotel.

Old Town Trolley Tour- 15 hop on/off stops. Sit left for better view of squares, right for architecture. 9am-5pm, about every 20min.

Got off at stop 1, the Savannah Visitors Center, to go to the Savannah History Museum, which is where there is the Forest Gump bench.

Then after rejoining the trolley we finished a complete loop, and then had noon reservations at
Lady & Sons, which is celebrity chef Paula Deen's place, on West Congress Street.

We got the buffet, it was ok. I thought the mash & gravy were good, and the banana pudding.

We then walked through the City market area which was right next door, and then to the monument to Haitian soldiers that fought with the colonists in the Revolutionary War. I had no idea.

Timing was good, because we ran into a small tour of the first African American church in the U.S. There wwas even a group of ladies from Gainesville on the tour.

Here you see air holes for the escaping slaves underneath as a part of the Underground Railroad.

Telfair Academy

Which houses the "Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil" statue.

My favorite painting there.

We then walked back to the hotel by going east on River Street.

City icon- the waving girl statue.

After a long day of walking, back at our hotel.

We chilled out (or really warmed up), checked out the wine & cheese reception in the lobby, and then had a 7:45pm dinner reservation at The Olde Pink House - gourmet southern food, in historic mansion right next to our hotel.

These are the Goat cheese stuffed artichoke fritters with red pepper and honey mustard sauces, and Linda had a salad- mixed greens with caramalized apple, pecan, goat cheese fritter with champagne citrus vinaigrette.

I got the crispy fried lobster tails with sweet chili dijon , bacon buttermilk whipped potatoes and butter beans.

Crispy scored flounder with apricot shallot sauce, anson mills grits and collards.

The portions were both way more than we could eat, we really both only got through half.

The cool bar area downstairs.

Sunday 5th

Slept in until about 10ish this morning.
First objective today was to get my Forest Gump shots.

Here you see the Independent Presbyterian Church, which is the very opening scene from the movie where a feather floats down in front of the church to Forest.

"Bench Location in the Movie: North side of Chippewa Square facing Bull Street- The bench was there only for making the movie. The bench used in the movie, made of fiberglass, is on display at the Visitor's Center Notice how the bus is moving right to left in the movie but not in real life."

Got there to take this shot as church was starting, and luckily right before a dumb woman parked her car right on front of this spot in a no parking zone.

Where the bench was for the movie.

Taken at a bench in the square.

Probably the main historical figure for Savannah.

More Forest Gump church shots.

After changing back at the hotel, we then walked east.

To have lunch here at The Pirate's House, another historical building.

Got the buffet again, pretty good.

We then walked south to Forsyth Park.

Our trolley driver said the Cathedral of st. John the Baptist was a must see, so we went by.

A really well done Nativity scene

Civil War statue.

SCAD- we drove in from the airport with students from here that were returning from break, you could feel the college now has a major influence on the city.

7:30pm dinner reservation at Alure at 309 W. Congress St.

Monday 6th

Delta #989 Savannah 6:30am to Atlanta 7:43am
#1868 ATL 8:25am to AUS 10:10am