Dave's Rio 2011

Rio 2011

March 4-8, 2011

CC's birthday, so we jump in it!

"Ten years ago [actually more than that], in 1972 [around the time we were born], a crack commando unit [of MBAs] was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade [we left Dell] to the Los Angeles [South Austin] underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune [employees in the high tech industry]. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them [we'll be among 700,000 partiers in Rio], maybe you can hire... The A [Americas]-Team."

CC as "Hannibal"
GP as "Bad Attitude"
DLS as "Howling Mad" Murdock
And MD as "The Reporter"

Note several members are on continuing operations, so some pictures have been altered here to maintain operational integrity.

Feb 7th Rio Samba School fire

"Inbound flights/transportation:
Hannibal & The Reporter get into Sao Paulo on Friday March 4th and are staying the day in Sao Paulo and we’re heading out that night. Then, the three of us will drive down to Rio (~ six hour drive) Saturday morning B.A. gets in Friday morning direct to Rio (we’ll schedule someone to pick him up and take him to hotel… he’ll be the first one to check in and have a day to chill before Murdock gets in the following morning and we get in the following mid-day). Murdock gets in Saturday morning direct to Rio (same here… we’ll have someone pick him up)."

Delta #1006 Austin 4:40pm to Atlanta 7:50pm

Delta #61 Atlanta 9:50pm to Rio 9:25am

Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza

Turns out we were at a fabulous location ; )

Our room pre modification.

Couch in unairconditioned entryway/my future bedroom.

View out to the left and right of our window.

Included breakfast buffet downstairs, usually pretty good.

Our fantasias (costumes for the samba parade) arrive...

...and then our friends.

Rooftop pool

Lunch at Banana Jack
Somewhat like a TGI Friday, but the birthday boy was hungry and we were able to get our first caipirinhas of the trip.
Pic courtesy of Face

A typical way to get your drinks at carnaval time- folks were just selling out of coolers on the street.

Not a bano, it's a banheiro. Like a porto-potty, just more heroic in Portugese.

It was rainy for about half the trip, and pretty cloudy otherwise.
Pic courtesy of Face

Officer Paunchorelly gets molested.
Pic courtesy of B.A.

Typical scene by the corner of our hotel- well groomed, extravagantly dressed gay guys that could be on a swim team, and recyclers.

Scenes of Rio.

The A-Team goes incognito, and the natives become fearful.
Pic courtesy of Face

Rio in general has a reputation for being dangerous, much less if you add 700,000 people in a Mardi Gras (which is a pretty dangerous event) atmosphere. I honestly thought our crack commando group should hire security to escort us.
Despite all the drinking in the street, I didn't see a single incident. Heck, I barely recall anyone even being rude.

Despite the warnings, people were being heroes everywhere.

I was told by two different people that I looked like the Japanese anime character Dragon Ball.
Never heard of him myself, but I was fine with the nickname Dragon Balls for the trip.

While resting here I was also contemplating the fact that $1000/night for a hotel room should get me an over water bungalow with a girl in Tahiti, but I was instead dreading which male roommate I would have to share a bed with, an epiphany hit me. For a $1000 a night the hotel can damn well give us three beds.
Despite my obvious contribution to society here, Face would and up doing some sort of Jedi-shell game-slight of hand bullshit that would have me get assigned the bed without AC ; )
Pic courtesy of Face

You could see the masses gathering below from our room.

We'd end up doing drinks and dinner with a view from the outdoor area of our hotel restaurant.

Our neighbors at dinner
Pic courtesy of B.A.

Pic courtesy of Face

B.A. and I would go explore the street party right next to our hotel in the rain.

Here you see our new Australian friend Holly.

Pic courtesy of Face

Such an angel.

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