June 2-11, 2014

Been wanting to swim with the jellyfish in Palau for over 10yrs. Had the whole trip planned for last November but a massive typhoon changed those plans and I ended up in Taiwan instead of Palau. Here is my return!

Palau article

1 USD = 45 Filipino peso

Watch Journey 2 which was filmed in Palau
Enya's "Orinoco Flow" also mentions Palau

Palau wiki info

2-3- fly to Manila

Delta #1082 AUS 7:15am to Detroit 11:16am
#629 DTW 3:30pm to Manila 10:20pm Tuesday

Staying at EDSA Shangri-La
6500 PHP / night

4-6 work

Every morning after returning from the call center we would have this awesome hotel buffet breakfast.

6th Friday- Taylor Swift concert

Some relax time by the hotel pool.

Traffic was crazy- took over 2hrs by taxi to get there and I was afraid I was going to miss some of the show.
Luckily got there just on time...but then the show started an hour late at 9pm. Very short set list too.

Set List

1. State of Grace


2. Holy Ground


3. Red


4. The Lucky One
5. Mean


6. 22


7. Fearless (acoustic)

8. You Belong with Me (acoustic)

9. Sparks Fly


10. I Knew You Were Trouble


11. All Too Well


12. Love Story


13. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together


Had the more expensive hotel taxi pick me up since I wasn't sure what the taxi situation to get home would be like. Was sure he would leave me since the show got out around 10:30 and I was supposed to meet him at 10pm, but he was still there.

7th Saturday- fly, Guam

Fly United $647
#190 Manila 9:55am to Guam 3:55pm

Do quick tour, 2.5hrs, $65

"Perfect for those with limited time, like short airport layovers, this 2.5 hour orientation tour offers a glimpse of central Guam, with a drive through Tumon, the islandís Tourism District; Tamuning, the commercial & business area; and the Capitol of Hagat-na. Visit the Basilica, Plaza de Espana, Latte Stone Park, Fort Santa Agueda & Two Lovers Point."

"Two Lovers Point Park marks the site where two star-crossed lovers plunged to their deaths several centuries ago. The daughter of a wealthy Spanish aristocrat and a young Chamorro man had fallen in love but were forbidden to marry. They decided that they would rather die than live apart and fled to this point where they were trapped by soldiers. The two lovers tied their hair together and jumped from the cliff. Today, youíll find an observation platform on the cliff, from where you will find have breathtaking views of Tumon Bay."

Quite a bit like Hawaii.

Japanese WWII pillbox.

Obligatory stop for lunch from the local KFC.

Latte Stone Park
"Latte stones are the pillars which provided the support to ancient Chamorro houses built as early as 500 AD. They are unique to the Marianas and comprise two pieces: a halagi, or supporting column made from coral limestone; and a capstone, known as a tasa, made from coral heads. The bones and important possessions of the ancient Chamorros were buried beneath the stones and remain untouched. Many Latte sites can still be seen in the north of the island."

"The Plaza de Espana, which is located in the centre of Hagatna, contained the palace of the Governors during Spanish rule. Although most of the palace was destroyed when Hagatna was bombed during WWII, there are still three structures standing, including the three-arched gate to Almacen, the Azotea and the Chocolate House."

Japanese WWII caves and tunnels

"Fort Santa Agueda was built in 1800, overlooking the city of Hagatna and its bay. The fortís cannon protected Hagatna harbour and the lucrative Galleon trade until the 1898 when an American frigate attacked the harbour during the Spanish-American War. The old Spanish cannon still points out over Hagatna Bay from the remnants of Fort Santo Agueda."

Painting at the airport.

#185 8:25pm to Korer 11:05pm

Use US $

Paid for $25 RT airport transfer from Sam's Tours

Stay at Sea Passion Hotel, $165 x 3 nights, deluxe ocean view

Try The Seabreacher Extreme, fly boards,

Pretty sure I had the best room in the hotel- top floor, large room and outside deck.