Riviera Maya

Dave & Linda's
Tulum and Whalesharks

July 2-7, 2008

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In several ways this trip did remind me some of Tahiti.
I was there this same time last year, very small, private beaches and restaurants (each with its own cat) with sand beneath your feet, incredible blues in the water...

Looking at the weather before we left it was supposed to thunderstorm the whole time we were there, and 100% chance of precipitation on Sunday. Weather we actually got was almost perfect.

Click for Cancun, Mexico Forecast

Also on advice from one of the forums we took some acidophilus pills starting about two weeks before we left. Not sure if it worked, but we didn't get sick...

Getting ready Tuesday night


American Airlines #304 AUS to Dallas 8:50am to 9:50
#2063 DFW 11:45 to Cancun 2:25pm, upgraded to business class
About $490 each round trip

Hot nuts and brain teasers

Tierras Del Sol in Tulum, $435 for 3 nights
Minutes driving- 10 ruins, 15 town, 2hrs Cancun
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Our handy little Nissan rental car from Thrifty, was only about $101 plus about $32 in gas.

There was lots of breeze, so luckily no AC wasn't a problem, and there really weren't any mosquitos either.

Linda has a little spot for a coral collection

I got exactly what I was envisioning all these years- a rustic hut right on the beach.

The bed was muy gigantico. We could almost both stretch our arms out and together not reach the sides.

We walked down the beach about 10 minutes to dinner at Las Ranitas.
I had excellent guacamole and a club sandwich, Linda had some butterflied shrimp. Both had some Sols.