Michael Franti - San Luis Obispo 2014

Micheal Franti
San Luis Obispo, CA

November 8-9, 2014

Saturday 8th

US Air $153
#5495 AUS 8:30am to Phoenix 10:15am
#6617 PHX 11am to San Lui Obispo 11:46am

Enterprise rent a car $53

Lunch at Apple Farm

The original motel.

Stayed at Avenue Inn Downtown San Luis Obispo
$43 after hotel.com free night worth $98

Mission De Tolosa

Bubble Gum Alley


On my walk to the venue I passed Hossein, and he gave me a backstage pass!
Funny enough as much as I have seen the guys this was my first actual pass, but from what I can tell there really wasn't a back stage.

Ethan Tucker opened

One of the few times I haven't been in the front row or gone up on stage, funny enough.

Pics from facebook:


Sunday 9th

Good breakfast at the Custom House.


United $254
#5459 SLO 2:15pm to SFO 3:20pm
#636 SFO 4:48pm to Austin 10:15pm