Dave's Denmark / Luxembourg / Buffett Paris '14

September 19-28, 2014

19th Friday- fly in

Delta 130k miles +$98
#1995 AUS 1pm to JFK 5:46pm
#400 JFK 7:02pm to Paris CDG next day 8:35pm

20th Saturday- fly to Copenhagen

There was an Air France strike that fortunately did not impact me, but here you can see the stacks of planes at CDG just sitting there.

Air France $207 RT
#1150 CDG 10:20am to Copenhagen CPH 12:10pm

1 USD = 5.5 DKK
.18 USD = 1 DKK

Netto 1hr canal boat tour, see Little Mermaid
Or 35DKK add on to Open top tours using Canal Tours Copenhagen

Can take train from airport to central station (4/hour, 12min, track 2), then walk 2-3 blocks.

Remember these when we were kids?

First Hotel Mayfair
#15 of 116
hotels.com $582, includes wifi

Lunch stop for a Danish hot dog, a food staple here.

So for today decided to walk by City Hall, up the main shopping street, to the Nyhavn.

Hans Christian Andersen statue, he's a big deal here.

Lego store!

Using a construction wall for art.

The Nyhavn, postcard shot area.

Some KFC for dinner on the way back to the hotel.

"The weather girls"

Also this first day I had to shop for a used jacket and a day bag since I had stupidly forgotten to pack both for this trip.

21st Sunday- Copenhagen

Start the day with a boat tour.

Opera house.

She was kind enough to pose so I could capture my "typical Danish girl" photos.

Little Mermaid statue

Made it out to Christiania in time for the walking tour.

Had dinner at Japansk Restaurant Sukiyaki which was on the corner of the street my hotel was on. Was looking forward to shabu shabu, but it was just ok.

For my evening activity went to check out this amusement park Tivoli Gardens, very close to my hotel. The last night it was open for the season- nothing special really.

22nd Monday- Legoland

It wasn't exactly near by, but of course I had to go to Legoland. I was the first one waiting at the door to get in.

SAS $225 RT
#1281 CPH 8-8:50am Billund

Open 10am to 6pm


Towards the end I was kind of bored, so buying minifigures and going in each of the shops to trade for better ones helped pass the time.

#1288 19:10 to 8pm

23rd Tuesday- Copenhagen

Lunch at wagamama (chicken ramen) which was near by at Tivoli, it was just ok.

Checked out some remaining sites.

Amalienborg Palace and Square to see the changing of the guard.

Gefion Fountain in Kastellet Park

Funny this ship was in port- it is the boat I took to Antarctica!

Rosenborg Castle

Activity for tonight- dinner at this Michelin starred restaurant Marv & Ben for a 3-course meal.

Cod, celery, coriander & mustard.

Beef, onion, fermented black currant & beef sauce.

Frozen goat cream cheese, raspberry, and caramel.