Cruise 2011

Cruise 2011

November 20-27, 2011

I had taken one previous big boat Caribbean cruise before and had a decent time, so with some new found time away from work I thought it might be fun to try another one. Prices were good, so I switched being home with the parents to this cruise, with for the most part cities I hadn't been to before (but only one new country- the Cayman Islands).

So going by myself on the boat this time proved to be more of a solitary experience than last time, and I'll probably try to avoid big boats again until I get really old.

Sunday 20th

DELTA 1308 AUSTIN 655A to ATLANTA 1009A- upgraded to first class
DELTA 2173 ATLANTA 1050A to MIAMI 1248P- upgraded to first class
On one of these flights I watched most of "The Hangover II".

$16 shuttle over to port.

Sun Miami - - 4:00 PM
Mon Great Stirrup Cay 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Tue At Sea - - - -
Wed Ocho Rios 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Thu Grand Cayman 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
Fri Cozumel 10:00 AM 6:00 PM
Sat At Sea - - - -
Sun Miami 8:00 AM - -

The new American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat play, and I had just bought a ticket to come back in January to see Jimmy Buffett there.

Right next door to Bayside, a place I really liked to visit while growing up down here.

Norwegian Pearl, room 5569

Leaving Miami...

Buffet was out by the pool decks- there was a band playing, it was a fun, festive atmosphere for this new phase of my life.

This little hispanic girl had no fear and was dancing up a storm in front of the band.

I asked the waiter to rush my dinner, because I was running late...

To the singles happy hour at one of the bars, which apparently no one showed up to. One of the ship officers was sitting there eating dinner, so I got to chat with him and he even bought me a drink. He is from India, and is in charge of the alcohol. Not a bad person to know.

I then went to the main stage area where they played a version of "The Dating Game." I spoke some to three buddies from Buffalo there to drink heavily and have fun, and there was also a family of six girls from Rhose Island that seemed a little full of themselves.

After that I ended up watching "The Help" back in my room- it was pretty good.

I always forget things when I pack- so during the day I picked up a hat, water bottle, and Listerine.

Monday 21st

Great Stirrup Cay

Wave runner $99 1hr 930am
Was booked to ride a waverunner but they were all canceled due to choppy water, which is typical of this time of year.
So it was pretty much sit around on a nice beach for a day.

So I went for a walk west of the main beach.

Some Tebowing.

This is Jennifer and Angela who took my pictures out here, there with their husbands from Las Vegas.
Angela works for HP and was kind enough to let me buy (I insisted on paying her, those things actually aren't cheap any more, and are hard to find as well) a scopalmine patch from her, since that was another item I was stupid enough not to pack (well, I only packed one, which wasn't enough).

They had a live band for us.

Back in my room watched "The Smurfs" and the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie that they had running on a loop.

Buffet dinner.

Tuesday 22nd

Day at sea- not a whole lot to do.

Breakfast out on the back deck.

At 4:15 I played bingo, which was pretty expensive, $39 I think. But it came with a coupon for a free Tanzanite stone, that it turns out I would have to pick up at one of the ports.
Didn't win anything.

Dinner, also worked out.

Wednesday 23rd
Ocho Rios
8am to 5pm

Dunns River Falls $20, 5km from Ocho Rios, shuttle every 30min
Dunns River Beach
Go by Margaritaville at Island Village, I also had these other ideas for this stop, that I didn't end up doing:
Reggae XPlosion
Ocho Rios Jerk Centre- on Da Costa Drive
Visit James Bond Beach- in Oracabessa, east end of Ocho Rios, 20min drive- Cocktail and Dr. No were filmed here.
Commission a wood carving?

So I took the shuttle over, then went through the falls on my own.

I also ran out of internet time today, so bought another 280min for $100. Also worked out.