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July 1-4, 2012

" 'You go to heaven if you want - I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.' So gushed Mark Twain in the 19th century, and Bermuda's promise of sun and sea still lures vacationers to its shores. These days celebs like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones call Bermuda home, and millionaire executives pop over for a little R&R."

Sunday July 1st

United Chicago 6:52am to BDA Hamilton 259pm

Hotel = Coco Reef Bermuda in Hamilton Parish
$817 for 3 nights
Ocean view, free wireless, fridge
Center of island near Hamilton, 30min drive from airport, Paget Parish, on Elbow Beach

Check out Elbow Beach

Bus info

Hamilton bars: Hog Penny, Docksiders, Robinhood (10 mins walk from Front Street), Flanagans, Pickled Onion

Monday July 2nd

Look for seahorses in the grass beds at Shelly Bay (bus 11).

Three species of seahorses have been reported in Bermuda; the Longsnout Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi), the Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) and the Dwarf Seahorse (Hippocampus zostera).

Seahorses are rarely seen in Bermuda. They can be found in seagrass beds and algae-covered bottoms, where they wrap their tails around a plant for support and use their colouring as camouflage. Seahorses can also be seen on mooring lines and around docks. They are also found in floating mats of Sargassum seaweed. Seahorses are unlike other fish, as they don’t have scales. Instead they have bony plates covered by a thin skin. They also don’t have teeth or a fully developed digestive system. Seahorses eat small crustaceans and plankton by sucking the prey into their mouths and swallowing it whole.

Walking tour of Hamilton

Lonely Planet-
Virtually everything in Bermuda revolves around the City of Hamilton. Whether you're talking politics, commerce or geography, Hamilton is the hub of it all. This is where people head to attend to business, do some serious shopping or spend a night on the town.

Hamilton manages to look quaint and traditional on the one hand and bustling and cosmopolitan on the other. You can casually linger over a rum swizzle at a century-old waterfront restaurant while international business executives power lunch at the next table; order yourself local rockfish with peas or opt for the sushi; take a horse-and-carriage ride along the mansion-lined waterfront; or hop on a scooter and get tied up in rush-hour traffic.

Hamilton's pulse is Front St, a harborfront road lined with pastel-colored Victorian buildings in bright lemon, lime, apricot and sky blue. Many of them have overhanging verandas, where you can wine and dine as you watch the boats ferry across the harbor.

In addition to laying claim to the main government offices, and the handsome buildings that house them, Hamilton has a handful of other interesting sightseeing spots. But perhaps more than anything, it's the plethora of restaurants that attracts visitors to the city. Fully half of all of Bermuda's eateries are in the City of Hamilton and the choices run the gamut from delightful little cafés to impeccable fine-dining restaurants.

Because Hamilton serves as a central terminus and transfer point for island buses, you will visit it frequently if you use the public bus system. Note that Hamilton is commonly called 'town' by Bermudians, so 'going to town' means, without a doubt, going to Hamilton.

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