Dave's Belize 2012

Dave's Belize 2012

November 19-22, 2012

At work we were told it was mandatory that we take off the Mon-Wed before Thanksgiving, so I figured heck, I'm leaving the country!
But where to go? I thought Nicaragua would be good since I have never been there, but after researching where I would want to go there, the logistics seemed less than straight forward, so I came up with this visit to a part of Belize i had not been to yet (although I have been to other parts of Belize before in 2009 and 2010). It would allow me to keep my Thanksgiving visit to my parents intact as well.


Lonely Planet

Monday 19th

AA 35k miles + $5
#1724 AUS 5:40am to Dallas 6:40am
#1442 DFW 7:30am to Miami 11:15am
#2157 MIA 12:55pm to Belize City 2:05pm

Tropic Air
#551 BZE 15:20 to Plancencia 15:55

We dropped off all the other passengers at a midpoint, so to Placencia it was essentially my own private chartered flight. Rock star baby!

Typical view of "main street".

Stayed at the Paradise Resort for $69/night.
Turned out I was the only guest there, so not a whole lot going on here. The employees were nice enough.

Room #8
Pretty basic, but it had AC. Internet was included too, but you had to go downstairs to the bar to get reception. That would cost me quite a few mosquito bites at the end of the evenings.

No view.

I only had time to walk by the small beach area right by the hotel before the sun set.

Later on I had dinner at the Purple Space Monkey.

Ox tail soup and jerk chicken. Waitress wasn't great, but food was pretty good.

Tuesday 20th

A nice sunny day.

Good Belizian breakfast burrito at the hotel.

The bartender's dogs, who were barking at me last night, are suddenly friendly.
If you aren't comfortable around stray dogs, Placencia is not the place for you. They are everywhere around town.

Below, at the Seahorse dive shop, is where locals said you could find seahorses.

Unfortunately the water had almost zero visibility, so I didn't find any. I did find my first starfish of the trip though.

Heading past the construction at the new dock, I finally saw a good beach, with just one person there.

And when you walk around the point, you get to the very nice beaches of the east side.

I was pleased to fill time finding several different types of starfish.

Some super cute places to stay.

I love it when I find something I haven't seen before- looking closely at the colors here this guy is super neat.
Reminds me of a Cylon base ship from Battlestar Galactica.

I kept walking further down the beach...

And then stopped here for lunch, the Cozy Corner.
It was about the same price as where I stayed, and if I ever came back I would probably try here.

Watermelon juice!

And then it took forever for this cheesesteak to come out.
Some locals sat at the bar by me- high in the middle of a weekday, and from what I could make out, about every third word is "f*ck" for some reason.

The Sidewalk

Back at my hotel

Caught up on some work items on-line.

I was not able to find and extract company founder John McAfee.

Fish'n'chips dinner at Rumfish.