Dave's Ethiopia & Seychelles

Ethiopia & Seychelles

November 15-29, 2014

United $1552
Sat 15th AUS 11am to ADD 7:05pm Sunday

return = Fri 28th ADD 11:45pm to AUS 4:25pm Saturday

1 USD = 19.6 ETB
.05 USD = 1 ETB

Sunrise: 6:19am

Sunday 16th

Intrepid Tour- thought about this but can do same thing on my own cheaper.

"Embark on your own pilgrimage to Ethiopia's holy city of Lalibela and become immersed in a site of paramount history and legend. Sample everyday Ethiopian culture and cuisine in fascinating Addis Ababa, learn about King Lalibela's vision of building a New Jerusalem and hear the various theories accounting for how the realisation of this ambitious goal came to be in his lifetime. Admire the unique frescoes and motifs adorning the 11 Unesco-listed churches, trail white-robed priests through tunnels clouded with incense and be regaled with tales of epic battles divine intervention and empires bygone. Arguably one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the African continent, this intriguing 4-day Historic Lalibela Extension will appeal to the inner Indiana Jones in every traveller."

Monday 17th- Day 1 Addis Ababa

Get a dose of history at the National Museum, where a 3.2 million year old skeleton, Lucy, lives.

Ethiopian Air. $322 RT
7:40am to 9:45am

Tuesday 18th- Lalibela

In Lalibela, explore the eleven churches that have been cut straight out of the surrounding area's bedrock. Built to create a 'New Jerusalem', this is Ethiopia's holiest city and is thought to date back to AD 1180.

Wednesday 19th- Lalibela

Thursday 20th- Day 4 fly back to Addis Ababa

Head back to the capital by plane after a final morning walk around the impressive ruins.

Ethiopian Air
10:40am to 11:40am