Dave's Quebec City Trip

February 15-18, 2013

Saturday 15th- Fly in

United $561
#1573 AUS 5:30am to Houston 6:26am
#8541 Air Canada IAH 7:40am to Toronto 11:35am

Flying over Toronto

#8428 Air Canada YYZ 1:55pm to Quebac City YQB 3:32pm

Just got into town and already got to meet the city's most famous celebrity- Bonhomme! (mascot of the Winter Carnival)

Hotel Manoir Victoria
#28 of 98 on TripAdvisor
$118 already paid after tax and hotels.com 2 reward nights. Includes wifi, indoor swimming pool, fitness center.

View out our window

The restaurant connected to our hotel, we would often enter/exit the hotel this way.

Picking up my Winter Carnival pass.
Going through immigration in Toronto they actually warned us that the French speakers "over there" were rude- they weren't exactly members of the Quebec Tourist Board. Just like in Paris I start with a friendly bon jour and I'm loving this place.

A 20 minute walk turns into a 50 minute walk in the cold and snow trying to find our dinner restaurant.
Panache- it was excellent.

Encrusted monkfish with reduction- crazy good.

Truly buildings on every street were like a Macy's Christmas village, and a VERY cold one at that.

Walking in a winter wonderland.

"The spot where Samuel de Champlain landed in 1608 and founded the first French settlement in North America, now converted into a postcard-pretty public square. Do not miss the huge mural covering the entire side of a nearby building; the figure with a hat standing at the base of the 'street' is Champlain."

Linda tending bar.

Rue du Petite-Champlaine

The fernicular

The St. Lawrence River by night.

The most photographed hotel in the world?

Sunday 16th

Ice Slide at Terrasse Dufferin- During the winter you can slide down a ice slide on a toboggan, quite fast and great view. $2.5 per slide, buy them from the Café at the end of the slide

Still snowing.

The old city wall.

Breakfats at Cafe Le Hobbit

It was fresh and excellent.

Went by the Chocolate Museum.

Our hot chocolates.

This is the Patinoire de la place d'Youville- ice skating rink located right in the middle of Old Quebec.

Place de Assemblee-Nationale


Winter carnival
Winter Carnival, city-wide, first two weeks of February and spanning 3 weekends. A truly spectacular event, the Winter Carnival is a hundred-year tradition in Quebec City. Each year, a giant ice palace is built in the Place Jacques-Cartier as the headquarters of the festivities, but there's activities all during the week. The International Ice Sculpture Competition sees teams from around the world build monumental sculptures. There are 3 parades during the event in different quarters of the city, and other winter-defying competitions including a canoe race across the St. Lawrence and a group snow bath. The festival's mascot, Bonhomme Carnaval, a sashed snowman, is the city's most famous logo. $15 (2013) will get you a rubber snowman to attach to your parka for entrance into the festivities on the Plains of Abraham.

Good timing! On the way in we spot the live Bonhomme coming out.

Walk through Bonhomme's ice castle.

Bonhomme's pantry- full of ice cream.

Bonhomme's wardrobe.

And his shower.

I walked around some while Linda waited in the long line for us to go on the ice slide.

Maple syrup on a stick.

snow sculptures

Now some tubing.

And then a sleigh ride.

We got to do some ice skating...but it wasn't comfortable for either one of us.
I like this picture though- trying to channel a Romero Britto ("On top of the world") here.

Tried to find the view from the top of teh fortress, but we never did.

Snack/late lunch at Aux Anciens Canadiens

Two Canadian mainstays- poutine and la caribou.

So cold this couple was frozen solid!

Our walk back to our hotel.

With some down time visit the hotel pool.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant- Chez Boulay

Cheese plate- the blue cheese was outstanding.

Linda's salmon was awesome.

Mine was pretty good.