Dave's Buffett Paris '13 / South of France

Sept 25 - Oct 6, 2013

Wednesday 25th

Spotted Robert Plant on my way out at the Austin airport!
I would later learn he lives part time here, Austin is hot.

Delta $70 and 112,500 FF miles
Plus change fee after Buffett announced second, earlier show that I had to change my tickets for.

Delta #3415 AUS 12:35pm to Detroit 4:34pm
#98 Detroit 6:20pm to Paris CDG 8am next day

Pic from facebook of Jimmy flying over to france for the show.

Thursday 26th

After getting tot he hotel my room wasn't ready yet, so I had done some research for truffle restaurants and headed over to Truffes Folues for lunch.

I got a seat right by the window (and the front door). This was the guy running the counter and serving. Not much English, but he was helpful.

Beek carpaccio

Scrambled eggs

The Eiffel Tower was near by, so i took a stroll over there.

Then back in the Pigalle neighborhood I wondered if this was the store Jimmy bought his guitar from that inspired the song "Rue de la Guitar" on the new album.

Hotel Caravelle
Booked through hotels.com and paid in full
Close to concert venue and train station
$115/night plus tax = $247, also added another night
TripAdvisor #1020 of 1793

Then had to take the subway to get to the concert venue in a part of town I had never been to.

There was already a line, and it was all general admission. After waiting for a while we were let down these stairs to queue more here, where you could buy wine and hot dogs.

People were already a few rows deep by the time I got in, so I stood at the first level up, smart. Dumb was I stood where there were two steps in front of me, that people stood on. So instead of picking up maybe an 18 inch advantage, I was still blocked.
And it was SUPER hot in there. Wiki says capacity is 700 people.

At one point I did wave to Jimmy and he saw me and waved back.

And of course there was this freakin' big bird guy front row center partially blocking Jimmy.

The guitar that inspired the song "Rue de la guitar". First time ever played.

The daughter, Grace Young, of one of Jimmy's friends (Jonathan Edwards- sang the hit from the 70s "Sunshine") came on to sing "Imagine One Day".
More info on her

After the show I was able to meet up with Anthony and Leslie, who I had met at the St. Barts show in '09 and I think this was our third Paris show, plus also Little Rock in 2012.

Stopped at a cafe by the subway for a late dinner.

Then back at Pigalle.

The Moulin Rouge was only about a block or so away from the hotel. I actually saw a show here in 2008.


Songs From St. Somewhere
Le Trabendo Paris

Buffett show #58
I am pleased to say I got four songs on video that I didn't have. Three were the first time ever played by Buffett, plus "Stars on the Water" which I have somehow missed in the past.

1 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
2 Stars On The Water

3 Brown Eyed Girl
4 Boat Drinks
5 Weather With You


6 Knees Of My Heart
7 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor


8 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
9 Come Monday
10 Too Drunk To Karaoke
11 Cheeseburger In Paradise
12 Autour Du Rocher


13 Last Mango In Paris


14 Pencil Thin Mustache
15 Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants

16 Coast Of Marseilles

17 Southern Cross
18 Volcano
19 A Pirate Looks At Forty


20 Rue De La Guitare (first ever performance)

21 Imagine One Day (with Grace Young, first ever performance)

22 Fins
23 You Never Can Tell (Chuck Barry cover, first ever performance)

24 Margaritaville


Versailles morning tour
I had to get up pretty early to take the train to Versailles on my own, and meet the tour from there- kind of a pain. But after multiple trips to Paris finally went.

Me and Louie XIV

Hall of Mirrors

So I actually saw the three Mayer brothers from Jimmy Buffett's band here.

Marie-Antoinette's side house.

Back at Paigalle after a long day of walking and trains.

More research- Jimmy did by A guitar here, though not the one from the song "Rue de la guitar".

For dinner went to another place for truffles- Sormani

I made the mistake of not having reservations and at first turned me away- but then they I asked if I promised to be done within an hour and they made space for me.

Truffle foie gras lasagna

Carpaccio again

So this place was right by another classic Paris landmark, the Arc.


I was pretty laid back and took my time getting up and out the door. Walked over to the Sacre Couer which is an area I have always liked and was very close to the hotel.

French girls being French.

Another landmark I happened to be by.

My main objective- this pizza place for lunch, Babalou's. The pizza did live up to expectations, I'll be back.

Then headed over to see Napolean's tomb.

Football game on the extensive lawn in front of the Musee de l'Armee.

I didn't have too much time, so I focused on the Napolean's Tomb area versus and didn't see much of the rest. Here is the facade, The Dme des Invalides.

The Tomb of Napolean.

There was a "field trip" for French military cadets. As someone who has been in their shoes and is now twice their age, I would say be careful what you wish for kids.

Last stop the Rodin Museum.
With the main attraction for me being The Thinker.

Back in Pigalle- or is THIS the one?!

Heading into the show.

Buffett plays at La Cigale

Balcony- front row center.

Pic from the Margaritaville website. You can see me in the balcony.


Songs From St. Somewhere
La Cigale Paris

VERY similar setlist to the Thursday show. I got one new song on video- Sweet Home Alabama cover.
I thought the show started at 8pm, not 7:30, so I actually missed the first song "Tiki Bar" which I needed. Luckily I would still get it later in October in Vegas.


1 Tiki Bar is Open
2 Brown Eyed Girl


3 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes


4 Something About A Boat
5 Last Mango In Paris

6 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor


7 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere


8 Come Monday


9 Too Drunk To Karaoke
10 Cheeseburger In Paradise


11 Pencil Thin Mustache
12 Coast Of Marseilles
13 Southern Cross

14 Volcano
15 Rue De La Guitare

16 A Pirate Looks At Forty
17 Chanson Pour Les Petits Enfants


18 Imagine One Day

19 One Particular Harbour
20 All Night Long


21 Fins

22 Sweet Home Alabama

23 Margaritaville


24 You Never Can Tell

25 He Went To Paris

Not showing up on the list is Boat Drinks


After the show Anthony, Leslie, and I looked for an after party, but ended up eating at a random bar with a new parrothead friend Brian Hassin.