Dave's Puerto Vallarta

Dave's Puerto Vallarta

August 29-September 1, 2014


1 peso = .077 USD
1 USD = 13 peso

Sunrise 7:37am, sunset 8:10pm


Need to watch "Night of the Iguana"

8/29/14 American Airlines 1595 Austin, TX (AUS) 7:00 AM 8:00 AM Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX (DFW)

8/29/14 American Airlines 309 Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX (DFW) 10:15 AM 12:45 PM Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR)

Taxi airport to hotel- we are Zone 1 = 215 pesos

At the Puerto Vallarta airport, taxi fares are federally regulated and non- negotiable. They are in pesos. One can pay in either dollars (American) or Mexican currency. It is usually better to pay in pesos (better value, as they give you 10:1 only).. Taxi and Van rates are per vehicle, not per person. A taxi can accommodate 1-3 people plus luggage. Otherwise you will need a larger vehicle. But always ask. Some cabs will provide roof racks, etc. You may not need a van. When you go through Immigration, you will proceed to get your luggage, as in any airport. Just before the luggage belt, you will see luggage carts. They are free (no deposit). Take as many as you need. because there are no porters until later. When you get your luggage, you have to proceed through a scanner. All your luggage (inluding purses, but no coats, belts, shoes, etc) must be put on a belt to be scanned. After they go through the scanner you put them back on your cart(s) and push a button. If you get a green light you proceed, if you get a red light you proceed onward with your carts, towards the tables to be checked over. Please note, still no porters. The porters are no longer just after Customs (as of January 3, 2013). They are after the Timeshare area. You then proceed to your left with your luggage and through the Timeshare area (often called the Tank). There are at least two different rooms separated by sliding doors. You will see counters on both sides of the rooms staffed by people in what look like uniforms. Some of them will approach you. Please note that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STOP!!! Some enterprising salespeople will tell you have to, but, pay no attention. Tell them " No I donīt have to stop here". Keep walking and exit the final set of sliding doors. You will see a taxi booth on your right, people waiting for passengers, and, as of January 3rd, 2013, porters on your left. You have to leave your carts there. If you want an airport taxi, buy a ticket at the booth.. Fares are by Zones. tell them where you are going, and get a receipt. Itīs a good idea to know in advance in which Zone your hotel/condo is located and what the fare is (see below). You will keep one copy, and your driver will give one to the clerk as you exit the airport. This is your assurance against being overcharged. ***You can catch a standard Yellow cab for a lower rate (possibly saving 100 pesos) if you exit airport property and take the foot bridge over the main freeway outside the main terminal. It's a three minute walk. Ask how much it will cost before you get in. You can grab a bus to the Malecon (boardwalk) for 7 pesos--the stop is right outside of the resort and the ride is short and easy. Or you can take a cab into town for 50 pesos. Wherever you have to go, ask the concierge how much the cab ride should cost first, then set that price with your driver before you take off. Beware: from the airport to Fiesta Americana, it should cost about 80 pesos (car) or 200 pesos (van). We were way overcharged on our way to the resort.

Friday 29th

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta
Hotel review

"The Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta is situated on the Bahía de Banderas, the second largest bay in the Pacific Ocean. With contemporary Mexican architecture and beautiful, recently-modified construction harmonizing perfectly with a landscape flanked by the mountains of the Western Sierra Madre and Vallarta's most beautiful beach, the Fiesta Americana invites our guests to enjoy relaxing surroundings like the open-air lobby palapa, a large waterfall, beautiful rooms, and comfortable suite all in the most restful and serene atmosphere."
Free wifi, ocean facing

Relax at hotel beach and pool

Since we had a sunny afternoon switched our outdoor dinner from Sunday to tonight. Well that backfired and it ended up pouring rain, and we were literally the only customers at Cuale Paradise.
But we still had a great time and I think it was Linda's favorite part of the trip.

I got the paradise chicken and Linda the whole red snapper I think.

With the owner.

Back at the hotel.

Saturday 30th

Went over to the Marina area to meet our tour.

Marietas Islands Snorkel, 9am, 4hrs, $62

"The Marietas Islands are perhaps the premier snorkeling destination in Puerto Vallarta. A protected wildlife sanctuary and marine preserve made famous by the famed Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, the waters or the Marietas Islands are home to a dazzling array of sea life. On the ride out to the islands, giant manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales (in season) are common sightings. The islands are also home to rare species of birds, such as the Blue Footed Booby - only found two places on earth - the Galapagos Islands and here at the Marietas.

This snorkeling tour takes you to the Marietas Islands marine preserve for snorkeling - you'll get twice the snorkeling time as any other Marietas tour in town. This is not a bay cruise, but a true snorkeling tour with one of the top scuba and snorkeling companies in Puerto Vallarta. You may see manta rays up to 25 feet across, eels, octopus, and even sea horses as well as a wide variety of tropical fish and other sea life. If conditions permit, you will also have a chance to swim to the icon of the Marietas Islands - Hidden Beach!"

Several dolphins on the way out.


Went into Hidden Beach!

I really loved it.

Blue footed boobies- only found here and the Galapagos Islands.

Boobie over my head.

Afternoon- see sights of Old PV
We grabbed lunch then walked north up the malecon.
"...a look at some of the many statues lining the water, such as the whale statue and the sea horse statue, popular photo opportunities. We'll visit the main points of interest such as El Palacio Municipal (City Hall), the main plaza and other city landmarks, such as the Iglesia de Nuestra Seņora de Guadalupe (the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe), Gringo Gulch, and the flea market area."

Malecon- statues (seahorse = Caballito, angel), night walking, stretches south at old town to central downtown
Zona romantica = old town
Church of Lady of Guadalupe
Los Muertos Pier

Late lunch here

I had soup and a drink, we split quasadillas.

We saw plenty of seahorses outside of the water.

Vista Grill for dinner- sunset view over downtown

Sunday 31st

Excellent breakfast buffet at the hotel- which includes fresh watermelon juice!

Two public bus rides.

And a short boat ride.

To explore Playa Colomitos on our own.

Snorkeling here was better than at the tour yesterday. People have found seahorses here, but we didn't.

Walk over to Ocean Grill Vallarta for 1pm lunch.

Linda had the octopus, I loved my chicken.

Dinner at one of the top rated restaurants in town.

Sea bass was delicious.

Monday 1st

Relax at hotel

Leave hotel at 11:30

US Airways #309 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR) 1:45PM to 4:15PM Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX (DFW)

US Airways #1670 Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX (DFW) 6:05PM to 7:00PM Austin, TX (AUS)