23hrs in NYC

December 13-14, 2011

Tuesday 13th

DELTA 2403 AUSTIN 6am to Memphis 7:38am- upgraded to first class
DELTA 1260 Memphis 8:30am to LGA 12:10pm
25k Alaska miles $35 RT

I'm back!

Here you see Astoria (I believe) where I'd be staying, and Manhattan in the background.

I landed early, just before noon, but made the mistake of taking the SuperShuttle and I didn't get to her until 3pm : (

Our lunch at Inoteca.

The white tree at home.

Our evening out at Shabu Tatsu.

Shabu shabu!

December 14th- fly home

Delta #1647 LGA 11am to Atlanta 1:45 PM- upgraded to first class
#2066 Atlanta 2:23pm to AUSTIN at 3:49PM- upgraded to first class