Mexican Wrestling

Dell Diamond - Round Rock, TX
May 12, 2012

I am a big fan of new experiences, so who could pass up the last stop of this tour and actually see MexicanWrestling?
Kind of felt like Spider-Man. Either that or a Pulp Fiction character.

First chance I've had to wear this Nacho Libre mask since I purchased it in Mexico in 2008. Gotta keep it local, buy from the source.

Not easy to drink beer out of that little mouth hole.

Here we see "El Oriental" who I thought would be Mexican wrestling's Jeremy Lin.

Some man on man action.

"The Firewall Jon Rekon is the former bodyguard of RJ Brewer’s mothers, who is a well known political figure in the state of Arizona. Rekon is a recognizance expert with a degree is Criminal Law from Arizona State University. In addition to military training, Rekon has extensive bodybuilding credits. Rekon has competed and won many Strongman competitions around the world. His latest assignment is to serve as the protector of RJ Brewer and the The Right."

"This mini tecnico is a master of martial arts. Octagoncito is a fearless and vengeful fighter, who despite his height disarms men three times his size. His uncanny abilities in the ring set him apart from the rest, especially Pequeño Halloween and Mini Dragoncito, who are his long time rivals. Octagoncito’s ninja-like moves have won him recognition among fans all over the world. Now he comes to US soil, neutral ground, to once again demonstrate his fighting skills and destroy his enemies."

Girl on girl action.

Here the Latin Lover loses the title match to Lizmark Jr.
"Lizmark Jr. is none other than the son of Lizmark, a big star in the world of Lucha Libre. He takes his place in the ring as a rudo, donning his father’s notorious mask. Lizmark Jr. is a spiteful and nasty individual. A heartless veteran, whose thirst for money and fame, make him an unstoppable force. A bounty hunter who hunts for himself, Lizmark believes he is the greatest Luchador alive today, and should be paid accordingly. He has a large following of underlings who believe he is the Messiah, one of them being Sydistiko."

"RJ Brewer is an All American Athlete from the great city of Phoenix, Arizona. He’s held various titles across the United States and feels that traditional Professional Wrestling is an art form that must be preserved. His mother is one of the highest-ranking officials in the Nation and holds great power and influence over the state of Arizona. RJ feels that good morals and strong family values are the key to a successful country, and he will do anything in his power to uphold this belief. He has spent time traveling the state in support of the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act” a.k.a Arizona SB 1070 along with his Mother. In his spare time, he enjoys volunteering with the Border Patrol along with his pitbull “Visa” by his side."

The Mexican Masked Warriors would triumph over Jan Brewer's son and his anti-immigrant faction.

Our VIP tickets included this after match autograph session. I of course wanted to show support for fellow Asian athlete El Oreintal. However after speaking with him, I'm not sure how "oriental" he actually was.
"Oriental has traveled far and wide in search of inspiration, finding this in the Far East where he was inspired by the Samurai Warriors of Japan, believed to have been unbreakable, courageous, and at times even suicidal. A rudo with 20 years of wrestling experience, Oriental is a bitter veteran who claims to be the best and most accomplished luchador. Old school and out of touch with reality, he is a wrestler who gets into the nitty gritty. Oriental gets a kick out of grounding young flyers, who think they can outsmart a legendary rudo, and quickly swats them like flies, bringing them to surrender to his antics."