Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks

March 6th, 2012

American $120 RT
#1370 AUS 3:35pm to DFW 4:40pm

My seat mate on the flight, fellow salesman, and new friend Jon was a Lin fan and going to the game as well, so he was kind enough to give me a ride to the arena.

Got tic face value on Ticketmaster, seat was better than expected. It was the first row of the second level, so no one in front of me/unobstructed view. Also it was the "platinum level" where we had waiters and special bar area.

We entered the arena as early as we could, and in one corner fans could wait for players that were warming up to go by.
The three shots below you can see me and Jeremy!

J.R. Smith

Amare Stoudemire

Here you see on all the seats is cardboard to be folded up like a fan and it becomes a noise maker. They were incredibly annoying.

Platinum lounge/bar area.

My foot long hot dog.

Before the game Tyson Chandler got his championship ring earned with the Mavs from the previous season.

Walking around at half time I got interviewed by a local TV station!

We were even less competititive this game, but in the third quarter at least rallied to tie it up I believe, but then got put away in the fourth quarter.


Stayed at the Red Roof Inn Dallas- DFW Airport North, $46

Wednesday 7th

#1477 DFW 9:55am to AUS 10:50am