Knicks vs Boston Celtics

March 4th, 2012

Very early morning, and a very quick trip.

Southwest $209
#1298 Louisville 6:15am to Baltimore 7:55am
#1713 BWI 9:20am to Boston 10:45am

My second time back in Boston within two months, last time it didn't go so well.

Public bus and train out to stadium.

Got tic face value on Ticketmaster, seat was just ok.

None of the Lin/Knicks gear I had ordered had arrived yet before I had to leave for this trip.

Wow, tons of titles.

Since Jeremy went to college here I thought it might be a kind of homecoming, but it turned out much of the crowd booed him whenever he touched the ball.

So we led after the first two quarters, got knocked way back in the third, managed to come back on the fourth and could have won it, but instead took it into overtime where we were outplayed.


Continental $144
UA1564 Boston 7:15pm to Houston 10:32pm
UA5223 IAH 11:10pm to 11:56pm