Michael Franti - Telluride 2014

Micheal Franti
Telluride, CO

March 23-25, 2014

Sunday 23rd

Fair skies ahead!

American $155
#1616 AUS 8:05am to Dallas 9:10am
#3234 DFW 10:55am to montrose 12:15pm

Mountain Limo $52 transfer.

Stayed at the Victorian Inn, $128 per night.

Show venue for later tonight.

Sirloin special at the bar at the New Sheridan Chop House.
I looked to the right and Michael Franti was right there talking to a friend! I said a quick hello.

Show was long ago sold out- found this on Craig's List, very expensive.

Person sitting next to me, in the process of moving to Telluride.

I think this is the first Franti show where I haven't at least ended up in he very front of the stage.

Monday 24th

I ate each day at Maggie's Bakery which was about a 5min walk away.

Then quite a full day ahead of me!

Guided snowshoe tour

Tried this for the first time the month before in Quebec City and really liked it, so here I was again. Good exercise.

Animal tracks

A snow hare!

Snowbiking certification course

I didn't really care for skiing or snow boarding the times I had tried them, but I really loved this!

No time to rest, changed off then headed down main street to the charity show

Lisa, who heads up the Do It For the Love org

I was early enough to be the first person to plop down in the front row. Eventually a sea of mainly kids filled in around me.

I signed up for and won a VIP backstage experience! $500 I believe.

Walked around main street some with a brief break, think I stopped in a deli for some soup. Then headed into the show at the Opera House.

Got front row again.

They start a DJ dance party end of the show again, but Jay heads right for me and I'm the first one he pulls up on stage!
Thanks bro!

On stage behind Michael.

Set list I would take home.

Guess I caught Jay by surprise.

Everything is awesome!

Tuesday 25th

American miles + $80
#3234 Montrose 12:45pm to Dallas 3:45pm
#383 DFW 4:30pm to AUS 5:30pm