Buffett & Indy in Vegas 2011

Jimmy Buffett & Indy Car Championship Race

Las Vegas, NV
October 14-16, 2011

Friday 14th

Southwest #334 AUS 7:40pm to Vegas 8:35pm

Lucky Rita record breaking ceremony
I was still flying in while this was going on, but my friend Krystal got to be there, and was able to work her way up front to Jimmy.

So I rushed in from the airport straight to the Flamingo on the rumor that Jimmy was going to play at 8pm.
Didn't materialize, but I got a good margarita.

Krystal, my cheeseburger, and me.

Below are pics of the new Margaritaville Casino.

And I got to my hotel around midnight to check in.

Venetian $672

Saturday 15th

The morning was a waste, WTB.
Ate lunch at the Lux Cafe downstairs and spent much of the afternoon doing work. Meant to hit the gym and the pool which I could see from my window, but didn't. Did see the first half of the Gator/Auburn game- not very good.

I think around 6pm headed down the Strip.

Lucky Rita- world's biggest margarita.

48oz and $32

The ubiquitos "Hot Babes" vans, wouldn't be Vegas without them.

Small world- ran into Angie from Oregon, who we had met the night before. She was also sitting in my area.

Not only can you walk the Strip with an open container, but I waltzed right into the concert with this thing.

Only one woman got my "White Sport Coat & a Pink Crustacean" outfit.

30s Jimmy and 60s Jimmy.

Welcome to Fin Land Tour
MGM Grand Las Vegas
Saturday October 15th, 2011

Ilo Opening:
Secret Stranger
Home Again
Three Little Birds


1 The Wino And I Know
2 Brown Eyed Girl

3 It's Midnight And I'm Not Famous Yet (Last played: 09-20-20 Las Vegas, NV)

4 Pencil Thin Mustache
5 Off To See The Lizard (Aussie Lyrics)
6 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
7 Life Is Just A Tire Swing
8 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
9 Come Monday
10 Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw
11 Volcano
12 Cheeseburger In Paradise
13 One Particular Harbour
14 Use Me (Featuring Nadirah)
15 Bama Breeze
16 Jolly Mon Sing
17 Knee Deep
18 Margaritaville (with the not-so-lost verse)
19 School Boy Heart
20 A Pirate Looks At Forty
21 The City
22 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
23 Fins

First Encore
Band Intros
Miss Tina Gullickson, Miss Nadirah Shakoor, Eric Darken, Peter Mayer, Doyle Grisham, Mac McAnally, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Robert Greenidge, John Lovell, Michael Utley

24 Viva Las Vegas (Last played: 04-15-2000 Las Vegas, NV)
A rare one! Only played four times.

25 Tin Cup Chalice

ABC Stores were on every corner where I lived in Waikiki- didn't know they had them on the Mainland. But they do call Vegas "the ninth island" for a reason.

Back "home" at the Venetian.

Sunday 16th

Got a later start than I wanted. After checking out, storing luggage, and a $50 cab ride later was at the track about noon, figured I was too late for all teh pit stuff I had paid for. Wrong! The access was incredible, adn I had a smile from ear to ear!

Here is me IN pit lane. You could walk through the the team pit areas, over the wall and everything.

Caught driver introductions. Here of course you see Danica.

Access to the cars, crew, and maybe the drivers as they came over.

Danica's dad.




Dario and his crew.


Ashley Judd from behind.

Will Power

The race is on! I was viewing from behind Danica's pit.

You could hear a gasp from the crowd, there was a big crash! The best we could see was on this screen over to the right.

They stopped the race, which in my 6yrs as a fan I hadn't seen before. Soon afterwards Danica walked right by me going back to her pit. The little blonde is Danica's sister.
We eventually learned Power was taken out in the wreck, so the championship would go to Dario.

We weren't getting much info, but soon after taking this top picture a guy on a scooter pulled right up to Danica almost hitting her, he gave her a message and Danica immediately ran to her family upset.
Not good. I called my dad and asked if anything had been announced- he said no, but that Dan Wheldon had been hurt. I said dad, I think Dan Wheldon might be dead...

Waiting game.

Spotted Vince Neil here in one of the pits with two porn star looking gals.

I hadn't eaten all day, so made my way to this elk burger/dog stand. I had elk stew once in my life in Montana, and had been dreaming about it ever since. So I had high expectations here, but the dog was nothing special.

At about 3pm Vegas time it was announced Wheldon had died from injuries. In the pit you really couldn't hear it, and I still hadn't seen the crash footage. The rest of the race was canceled, and the drivers would do a 5 lap salute to Dan.

Life is an individual experience...as tragic as what just happened was, here I am with others by The Venetian pool before flying home...

Thorough article on the crash

Southwest #2396 Vegas 7:50pm to AUS 12:40am