Buffett Austin 2014

Jimmy Buffett
Austin, TX

May 31, 2014

Buffett show #68

Preshow dinner at The Salty Sow

Buffett buddies David & Janice- might travel to more shows than I do this year.

I made it onto the big screens AND onto Margaritaville TV several times I heard!

I could use one of these.

This Oneís For You
Austin360 Amphitheater

Conch Shell / Lovely Cruise (instrumental)

1 Summertime Blues
2 Brown Eyed Girl

3 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
Filmed By Someone Else

4 My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Donít Love Jesus
5 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor

6 Only Time Will Tell

7 Who's The Blonde Stranger?
8 Too Drunk To Karaoke

9 Come Monday

10 Mexico
11 Knee Deep
12 Volcano
13 Little Martha (featuring Mac McAnally)
14 He Went To Paris
15 Cheeseburger In Paradise

16 Nobody From Nowhere (featuring Brendan Mayer on guitar)

17 Getaway Car (featuring Brendan Mayer)

18 One Particular Harbour
19 Free (with Into The Mystic)
20 Southern Cross
21 A Pirate Looks At Forty
22 Fins
23 Margaritaville (featuring Frank Marshall on guitar)

24 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (with Why Don't We Get Drunk)

Band Intros
The Coral Reefer Band, how about it, the best band in the land. Miss Tina Gullickson on vocals there. Miss Nadirah Shakoor. Mr Eric Darken on percussion. The dueling Mayers, Mr Peter Mayer on the guitar. Mr Brendan Mayer on the guitar right there. The Lubbock, Texas flash, Dangerous Doyle Grisham on the pedal steel. Mr Mac McAnally on guitar. Roger Guth on the drums. Mr Jim Mayer on the bass. The happy lad from Trinidad, Robert Greenidge on steel drums. John Lovell on trumpet and various other outfits. Mr Michael Utley on wisdom and keyboard. And the part of the dinosaur was played by Frank Marshall on guitar on Margaritaville tonight.

25 Scarlet Begonias
26 Lovely Cruise

I will be going back to the Paris shows again this year.

Showing one of my favorite spots in the world here- the old bridge to Key West at Bania Honda.

New color of wristbands for this tour.

A selfie where I managed to get me and the whole band- impressive.