Buffett- Atlantic City 2012

August 4, 2012

Saturday 4th

United $281
#1730 AUS 6am to Newark 10:49am
#4784 EWR noon to Philadelphia 1:05pm

Avis rental car $69

Passed this on the drive in from Philly to AC- Jimmy was right, there ARE volcanos around here!

I stop in to try the famous White House subs.
Cheesesteak was just ok, but their Italian special was fantastic.

Knights Inn, Atlantic City $117
Pretty crappy place for the price, but all the decent hotels were really expensive. Rob & mary offered to put me up in their room, which was incredibly nice of them.

Taxied here to meet Rob & Mary, and it was right next to the venue. Glad the thunderstorms forecasted didn't hit until late Sunday, but it was hot and humid!

On the Boardwalk.

Always love a Buffett show basically on the beach.

A fine location to be topless, which I would also go several more times that day...

I believe our 6th show together. And I do believe it was their sixth wedding anniversary as well!

Here you see the venue, Boardwalk Hall- former home of the Miss America pageant.

Mary's parents are also there to join us for their very first Buffett show.

We head over.

Front row! Got lucky with Ticketmaster the day they went on sale.

Mary's dad has some trouble walking, so we went through the handicapped entrance which led us through the bowels fo the building...
...and right by the area where the "Lowtide Lounge" pre-party was being held.

So I say hi to Jimmy's bodyguard Charleston.

The I say what the heck, let me ask if I can get in, as I have never been invited to any backstage activity. I spotted one of the Margarillas, Lars, and we started chatting, and he invited me to come in!

Another excuse to go topless- showing off my new Miami heat jersey specifically bought for Buffett shows.
Both Jimmy and I have been Heat fans since their start in the 80s, and of course I turn 40 in a month.

There were free drinks and some snacks back there, but no Jimmy. Peter Mayer walked by, and I spoke some with two of Nadira's nieces.
As the phrase goes- no sex in the champagne room.

With the third Margarilla Tristen.

Like I said though, my first time, so very novel and exciting. Here I am hitting the arena from the back area.

Just a few seats down from me was a couple I had met at the Houston show that knows my videos.

So not only do I see the band up closer from the front row, some them actually recognize me at this point, which can create actual interaction and make the show more meaningful for me. I was literally right next to Charleston, and near the end Tina nodded and smiled at me.
During the very first song Jimmy spotted me and acknowledged me, as well as when he came over my way for "Cheeseburger" he made a shooting a basketball motion for me. In the second half of the act he also acknowledged me twice more. Pretty cool.

Lounging at the Lagoon
Boardwalk Hall – Atlantic City NJ
Saturday August 4th, 2012


1 One Particular Harbour

Filmed by someone else

2 You'll Never Work In Dis Bidness Again
3 Another Saturday Night
4 Growing Older But Not Up
5 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
6 Come Monday
7 Knee Deep
8 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes


9 Swingin’ Hula Girl
10 Volcano

11 Last Mango In Paris

12 Cheeseburger In Paradise (Land of 1000 Cheeseburgers intro)
13 King Of Somewhere Hot (Nadirah being the Queen Of Somewhere Hot)

Acoustic Set
14 Piece Of Work (tribute to Andy Griffith and Mayberry RFD)
15 Pencil Thin Mustache (featuring John Lovell, raised by a family of horseshoe crabs…)
16 Southern Cross (played like in a noisy bar in Avalon)

17 Jolly Mon Sing

18 Margaritaville (2012 Atlantic City version, with Under The Boardwalk)

19 A Pirate Looks At Forty

20 Everybody's on the Phone (last played 05-22-10 in Frisco, TX)

21 Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw (with the long battle of the band intro. They played after The Commodores…)
22 All Night Long

23 Bama Breeze


Band Intros
Tina Gullickson, Miss Nadirah Shakoor, Eric Darken on percussion, Peter Mayer on guitar, Dangerous Doyle Grisham on pedal steel, Mac McAnally, Jellyfish Roger Guth on drums, Mr Jim Mayer on different basses, That Happy Lad from Trinidad Mr Robert Greenidge on steel drums, Not raised by horseshoe crabs John Lovell on trumpet, Michael Utley on keyboard

24 Brown Eyed Girl
25 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere


26 Fins


Acoustic Encore
27 Tin Cup Chalice (Jimmy solo)

Another cool first!
After the show several people were trying to get a set list. After Jimmy's manager gave one, he stated to the guy next to me he only gives them to women. so I then flashed him my breasts (probably a full A cup these days) and I got a set list! Fantastic, who knew man boobs could be so handy (ok he obviously had a sense of humor too)!

Lit up after the show.

I have been to Atlantic City at least two or three times for work back in the day, I remember staying at the Caesar once. Also came here one night with my friend Sherry from Philly and we were on the Boardwalk and at the Borgata.

Headed down the Boardwalk to meet back up with the folks at the Trump Taj.

Sunday 5th

On these Buffett weekend trips I try to take in some local color as well, so this time I planned some time in philadelphia to check out some of our nation's early history at Independence National Historic Park.

Took the tour of Independence Hall- our guide was very pasionate and it was really well done.
He pointed out how much the founding fathers would debate the meanign of the Constitution, whcih points to the idiocy of some people today trying to justifying things based on what think those people hundreds of years ago intended.

Liberty Bell

Wikitravel recommended this place, but I didn't care for it. Should have gone to the other place a few doors down.

United #4619 PHL 5:58pm to EWR 7:02pm
Delayed 5 hours due to lightening storms all over the northeast, quite a waste of time.

Monday 6th

In these situations always a challenge to find a room as they start selling out. I was able to get a room at the Renaissance which was near by and I had a certificate for a free Marriott night. So not great value for 3hrs sleep, but better than spending a ton of money on this unbudgeted circumstance.

United #588 Newark 7:19am to AUS 10:17pm
Upgraded to first class